Daughter’s Day Quotes from Parents

Awesome list of quotes from Parents to Daughter on this Daughter’s Day 2020.


  1. A parent’s greatest joy is to see their daughter grow into a woman.
  2. When your son repeats your words, you know he was listening. When your daughter repeats your words, you know she’s planning something.
  3. A daughter who is rooted is a woman who will stand her ground
  4. A daughter bring innocence to the family
  5. Life is tough, my daughter, but so are you.
  6. She may outgrow a lot of this, but a daughter will never outgrow a parent’s heart
  7. Parents: they may not understand you, but they don’t need to understand to love you.
  8. Don’t grow up to fast; womanhood will wait on you.
  9. You have made every decision leading up to your birth worth it
  10. Wait until you see your daughter on her wedding day. You’ll want all of the days before it back again.
  11. Daughter’s hold our hands when they are younger, but hold out holds for all of time
  12. A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts from God.
  13. Laugh with her , cry with her, and love with her; that’s all you need to grow with her
  14. Two big transitions from parent to daughter: when you call her yours and when you let him call her his
  15. Our daughter: a mother’s treasure and a father’s pride.


Concluding Daughters Day Quotes from Parents

Daughter’s Day is coming up and these are some amazing quotes that you can wish to your daughter. Also for moms, here is a list of daughter quotes from a mother. Now if you liked these quotes, please share your views in the comments box.

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