Short Speeches on Daughters Day

Daughter’s Day is the only day dedicated to the little chattering angels of our families. The day allows us to admire the daughters, their contributions and the splendor they bring to our homes. A daughter truly is a Gift from God. She is always caring, helping and courteous. She helps her parents in every possible manner. So why not we return the favor by celebrating the day which recognizes them, appreciates and endorses them. There are lots of ways to celebrate the occasion. However we came up with some short speeches on Daughter’s Day that are provided as below.


Speech Tips and Tricks

  • First introduce yourself with some powerful words.
  • Analyze your audience beforehand so that you are fully prepared and know who you are delivering the speech to.
  • Before finalizing your speech, go through all these five speeches and then choose one that suits the most.
  • Add at least one or a couple of Daughter’s Day Quotes to your speech. It will add energy and dynamism and capture the attention of the audience.
  • Tell gripping stories during the speech.
  • End the speech with an emotional conclusion.


Short Speeches for the Upcoming Daughter’s Day

Following are five best speeches on the topic of Daughters or Daughter’s Day. You can either dedicate one of these to your beloved daughter or you can deliver it at an event or program accordingly.

Short Speeches on Daughters Day


1. Daughter’s Day Speech No. 1

Listen this speech:


Good morning everyone, I am anonymous and today I’m going to talk about celebrating the daughters of our families.

Speech Body:

Dear daughters,

Today is a day set aside to celebrate you all. So I want to take this time out, to remind you about what you represent as a daughter. You are a blessing to your families and a hope for the future. You are not just a daughter, or a woman but you are a light to the paths of many. You are a role model to your siblings. Daughters are born nurses, even when they don’t know the exact thing to do, they still care.

You are not just a child, a daughter or a mother, you are a mentor, a hero, a legend, an achiever. You are a creation filled with strength to break protocols and to make history. You are a leader, a survivor, a doer of all things both great and small. You shouldn’t allow anything deter you from being the best you can be. Aim for the best, aim for the top. Dare to do exploits, make goals and achieve them. Dream dreams and fulfill them. You have all it takes to shine, dear daughters.

You are unstoppable, you are limitless. You are a boundary setter, a tireless fighter and a pacesetter. Do not be scared to do, to be, to make and create, to empower and be empowered, and most of all, do not be scared to live life without fears. For you are made to be outstanding. Live in the light of that knowledge now and always, dear daughter.

Happy Daughters Day to you.


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2. Daughter’s Day Speech No. 2

Listen this speech:



Greetings to everyone, my name is anonymous and the topic of my today’s speech is Daughters Day, the special day to admire the daughters in our society.

Speech Body:

Just like Euripides said “To a father growing old, nothing is dearer than a daughter.”  This is true in its entirety. No one appreciates kindness, peace and beauty like the aged and it is because they tend to see life, the world and people for who and what they truly are, and that is why they see daughters for what they truly are.

Daughters are very dear. So dear that their worth can never be measured. From the tenderness that they carry in their hearts to the beauty reflected in their eyes. Maybe they are so tender because no matter how old a woman gets, she is still a daughter and she carries this knowledge all around. This probably explains it.

So today as always, I want you as a daughter, to remember who you are. You are light; one that shines as a depth of purpose. You are a star; one that illuminates surroundings through the striving effect of darkness. And the more daughter’s there are in a family, the more peaceful, calm and bright that family becomes. You all give meanings to the little things of life. You all reflect what a truly happy home should have.

Know that you are held high and greatly loved, and that you matter not just in the home, but in the society at large and that just as you are beautiful, so is everything about you.

Happy daughter’s day to her father’s joy and the beauty of the home!


3. Daughter’s Day Speech No. 3

Listen this speech:


Good day to all folks, this day I’m here to talk about daughters, who are the most beautiful part of the family. The one who is ready to help her parents. Daughters deserve quite more but due to shortage of time, I could say just a few words about them.

Speech Body:

First of all, Happy Daughter’s Day to every daughter of the nation!

This celebration is a time to think about you, because I know you always spend thinking and worrying about other people and their problems. But free yourself from all of those thoughts today, and enjoy being celebrated because you deserve it. Thank you for all those times that you cared to do the little things for others that counts. Some of these times, you were not even acknowledged or thanked. I know you’ve been kind even when people don’t deserve it, I know you’ve been hurt by attitudes and behaviors so much so that you probably felt or even decided to start caring less and not being so kind. But you fail to realize that the world needs more of you, because you are a symbol of peace. You bring warmth to the heart even without uttering a word.

Celebrate yourself today just as we all are celebrating you. You should be proud of yourselves. No matter how tough life gets, and how it seems like you haven’t achieved or accomplished much, remember the smiles you have put on the faces of your father, brothers, cousins, neighbors, and every male you have come in contact with. Those little gestures have helped our society in becoming a better place for us all to live in.

Who you are, and all of the efforts you put into all you do for others is appreciated today and always. So we say a big thank you to you as we celebrate you.

Happy Daughter’s Day, dear one.


4. Speech on World Daughters Day No. 4

Listen this speech:


Hello everyone, my name is anonymous. Today I will give a little speech on the dearest member of the family, the apple’s eye of the parents, the Daughters.

Speech Body:

There is a quote by an anonymous person that does justice to who a daughter really is.

It says and I quote:

“A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future.”

This quote excites me because it breaks down who a daughter is. Most families wants a daughter as their first child. This is because of their ability to help around in the house as soon as they can. A daughter is a mother from birth. You see her caring for her other siblings, supporting them with what needs to be done and also assisting with chores even when she does not have to.

A daughter puts on herself, responsibilities that are not even given to her. The state of her heart is reflected in all she does for her loved ones. A daughter is simply put, love made manifest.

One day is too small to celebrate how wonderful and special daughters are. But we hope that you all understand how colorful you make our lives and world. You always stay celebrated in our hearts and lives. On this day, know that you are one of the best gifts that the universe blessed the earth with, and we are all so proud of you. Keep shinning, keep being you. Never let the harshness of the world change you from who you are supposed to be.

Happy Daughter’s Day to the angels in our society!

We love you immensely.


5. Speech on Daughters No. 5

Listen this speech:


Greetings and good day, I am anonymous. Today the purpose of my speech is to share my appreciation for the loving angels, the daughters in our homes.

Speech Body:

Dearest daughter,

The pride of every father and the joy of every brother!

You are appreciated in every way possible. Not just are you a person of pride to your father, you are also of great value to the society. Right from birth, the sight of you brightens the faces of all, and the love you give and show to us is always ever new.

Beauty radiates round you. We know your heart is beautiful because you illuminate lives with the multitude of beauty that radiates from inside of you. May you experience as much love as you give!

You are thoughtful, bright, calm, industrious, ambitious, kind and caring. As a daughter, you’re bliss in your entirety. You are love in its purest and undiluted form and a replication of every good desire. As a reflection of your father, you are a representative of the family, and this you prove to be true each time.

Plans will fail, expectations will fall short, but never stop being beautiful, never stop being precious and kind. Daughters are rare and so are you. Every father wants to have you as a child because of the unlimited joy you bring to the family. Just as a diamond illuminates and reflects light, so is your life a reflection of everything bright and true.

Keep being you, for we know there are distractions that abounds all around, but never let it deter you from being all you were made to be, for you are a Queen. Act in that might always.

Happy Daughters Day, diamond! You are loved always.


Daughters Day provides us with an opportunity to recognize our princesses, value them and let them grow confident. The day is celebrated in many countries of the world. It is celebrated as Sons and Daughters Day in USA, in Japan it is known as Hinamatsuri and also observed as National Daughters Day in India. Giving a speech on Daughters Day is just a little gesture of appreciation. For more activities, you can see Wishes and Poems for daughters.

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