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An Essay on Daughters Day (with References)

Daughters Day Essay

Here is a wonderful 450-word essay on the topic of ‘Daughter’ or ‘Daughters Day’. This essay can help you if you are a student looking for an essay-writing contest. Also if you’re a professional having to present on the said topic or researching about this special day dedicated to our daughters.


Daughters Day Essay

A daughter is a very special creation in the family. Daughters are not only delicate and lovely but also a strong pillar of the family. Their sometimes, sweet, smiley faces and beauty encapsulates the joy of parenthood and becomes the cornerstone of strength in families. The fact that, some cultures have been harsh to daughters makes it important to celebrate the little princesses in the world.

Daughters Day is a special day set out to celebrate girls for being equal opportunity human beings. The stigma that some cultures have placed around the girl child has not only demoralized girls but also taken away their dignity as human beings. Therefore, this special day, the Daughters Day is meant to erase the bad memories and stigmas, which are attached to having a baby girl instead of a boy.

Most developing countries around the world have a tendency of stigmatizing girls and creating a notion that boys are more important than girls. As a result, creating a special day such as Daughters Day creates a sense of belonging and worthiness for girls.

Daughters Day is celebrated on 25th of September every year, though some countries celebrate it on the Fourth Sunday of September. Regardless of the differences in dates and celebrations, what remains clearly right now, is the fact that, Daughters Day is coming up and as a parent of a baby girl, you have the task to make the girl feel as the most important being in the world. Parents have different attachments and treatments towards their children; however what remains clear is that daughters are the pride of their fathers and can easily win their attention compared to sons (Stein 2013).

Raising a daughter and molding her into a highly successful being it is not as easy as it appears. The joy of raising a daughter into a fully-grown woman means a lot to parents, thereby, showing that a girl child needs special treatment as the flower of the house. As a result, creating beautiful and sweet memories for daughters matters a lot. As a father, we have the best messages and greetings, which would not only win the heart of your daughter but also make the daughter, feel appreciated and loved. Messages such as, “Dear daughter, you are always the princess your father cherishes” makes daughters feel appreciated. Fathers on Daughters Day, have the onus of taking a daughter out on a special date. The date can either be in the form of a special meal or just a walk in the park. Mothers too are not also left behind on this special day, many mothers see a lot of themselves in their little daughters, thus the reason to share words of wisdom and encouragement to the daughter (Stein, 2013).




Concluding Note – Daughters Day Essay

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