What is Daughter’s Day? When and How to Celebrate?

what is daughters day

The title speaks of itself. Daughter’s day is the day, which is a tributary day for all the daughters. If you are one day old or a hundred years old, you’re someone’s daughter. Happy daughter’s day to you. It is a special day for the parents and their daughters. On this day, parents appreciate the existence of their daughters in their lives.

In recent times women are treated equally as men. In ancient times, the scenario was quite the opposite. To break this social stigma and establish equality, people around the world initiated this celebration for daughters across the globe. No matter how badly women have been treated to date, nothing stopped them from being fiercely incredible for their family and to the world.

To celebrate such amazing women, International daughter’s day is observed. For every incredible daughter born to date. Although some people try to wave it off, saying this day is a day for card sellers to sell cards. Is that the case? Also, what’s wrong with buying a card for someone who has been giving her everything to make your life better.

Daughter’s day is a day of pride for all the fantastic parents out there. For the most amazing parents, the world has witnessed and the parents no one has ever heard of. All of you have that one thing, which not everybody gets to have. You have precious daughters to love you, wholeheartedly.

Why is Daughters Day Celebrated?

Daughter’s day is a day for all the incredible daughters out there. It is a day for all the remarkable parents who gave birth to them and raised them so well. Happy daughter’s day to you, daughters, and parents. Celebrate this special day with your loved ones.

When to Celebrate It?

Technically speaking, the daughter’s day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September each year. This date varies from one country to another, so be careful! Logically and emotionally speaking, is a single day enough to celebrate this day? Does the celebration of a single day do justice to all the outstanding daughters in the world? Think wisely. If your answer is no, then treat her right every day throughout the whole world. That doesn’t mean you won’t make her feel special on daughter’s day. This year daughter’s day will be celebrated on September 27! Don’t forget to wish your beautiful daughters and celebrate the whole day with them.

History of Daughter’s Day

The era of discriminating against women started long ago. If we have a look at India, the tradition of being a female child and all the consequences because of this -are still an unavoidable problem. Whereas, big cities have overcome this problem long ago.

If we look at the scenario, it was the same until the eighteenth century in the USA. Women were not allowed to make decisions regarding political or economical issues. They have faced the dominance of male-driven society for a very long time. Even though the USA has come a long way with women’s empowerment and women’s rights, discrimination still exists in some corners.

How to Celebrate?

A daughter is a precious gift to every parent. Consider yourself lucky if you are a parent of a daughter. To make your daughter’s day special, you can celebrate in many ways. It will show your daughter that you appreciate her existence in your life. Wouldn’t that make her the happiest girl ever? This daughter’s day, make sure you do something special for your child.

You can celebrate Daughter’s Day with:

Fun Activities

We have handpicked the best ways to celebrate this day with your beloved daughter. You can either go for a single plan from a list or mix them up for the best results. Check out our list below to find fun activities to celebrate the day with your beautiful daughter-

  1. Play with her

Play anything, starting from silly games to card games. If she likes playing video games then try playing that as well. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to be excellent at any game. Just make her understand that you’re trying. Spend time with her as much as you can because the world is too short. You never know the next time you’ll hear the echoes of your daughter’s laughter again.

  1. Go for Karaoke

Karaoke is one of the fun activities out there. This daughter’s day take your daughter to a fun Karaoke place and sing whatever silly or an off-track song comes on the screen. Let her dive into the wave of music.

  1. Go shopping

Girls just love to shop-this is known to the whole world. So, take her out! Spoil her with your credit card for one day. Let her buy whatever she wants to. Even if it’s silly or too expensive, just let her get that. If for any reason, you can’t go out for shopping, you can buy her some gifts online:

  1. Dine out

On such a special day, how about going somewhere fancy? You can swing by one of her favorite restaurants. Remember, this is her day.

You can get something from the drive-thru and eat in your car. That’s another level of fun.

All you have to do is, let her decide what she wants. Help her out if she gets all confused while picking the place.

Lastly, get some ice-cream.

  1. Netflix kinda day

These days kids always prefer staying in and watching something on Netflix. How about you order something to eat online and spend the whole day watching something on Netflix? Ask her what’s her favorite movie and tv show. Tell her to fill you in about them. Watch those with her if she wants to.

Ask her about who her favorite character is. Have discussions about the plots, storyline, characters, and so on. This will bring the two of you a lot more closer.

  1. Cook for her

What is her favorite dish? Make that for her. Cook all her favorite items that day. Make sure she eats all of it.

Teach her how to cook. Give her cooking tips. You can cook something with her as well. Have a fun time with her. Find an exotic recipe online or in the magazine.

Do experiments with her.

  1. Go to the salon

This is something almost every girl loves. Take her to the salon. Tick off whatever they can offer. Starting from getting your nails done to getting a satisfying spa. Go for that. Get a haircut. Let her experiment on her style. If she wants to get a new look but isn’t confident enough, motivate her.

Give her confidence. Make her realize her inner beauty will always outrun her outer beauty. Be her biggest supporter. Let her do whatever she wants to do. If she wants to get a new look, let her get it. If she wants another piercing, encourage her for that.

  1. Take her on vacation.

Honestly, this is one of the best gifts you can ever give her. A vacation to wash off all the negativity. This will bring the two of you closer than ever. What’s her dream place to go? Make reservations. Take her there. Visit all the beautiful places.

You can find the most attractions of a specific place online. Take her to those places, surprise her. Click photos of her, with her. Explore the new place, holding hands. Be the most relaxed parent you can ever be.

  1. Road trips

If your vacation plan goes beyond the budget or something comes up, then a road trip is here at your service. You can take her on an exciting, adventurous ride. Drive her to her favorite place. Play her favorite songs on the way there.

Talk to her about her life, tell her about yours. Laugh.

  1. Paint with her

Painting is one of the fun activities you can ever do with your daughter. Imagine playing with colors, with her. What’s that like?

Believe us, you wouldn’t regret this at all. Painting works like meditation. Praise her artwork. Help her out if she requires any help. Frame the piece of work that she painted.

If she starts throwing paints at you, why would you hold back? Throw paints at her as well.

  1. Art Exhibition

Take her to an art exhibition. This will enchant her. Talk to her about art. Ask her how she feels about certain artworks. Let her know your insights.

Roam around the entire exhibition with her. Talk to her. Let her chase all the beautiful artworks. Enjoy this sight.

  1. Beach day

Beach day is a fun day. How about taking her to the bitch? Dive into her beach with her. If you guys know how to surf, then surf with her.

Build sandcastles with her. Soak the sunlight together. Get tanned together. Collect seashells together. Hold hands and walk around the beach. Run. Chase her. Take her photos. Let her play in the water.

You can go on a picnic by the beach. Bring some food from home. Spend a beautiful beach day with your beloved daughter.

  1. Do pottery

Or learn it. Doing pottery is one of the most satisfying things ever. Try it out if you haven’t. There are many places where you can take your daughter. Or if you have all this equipment at home, then do it at home. You can rent it as well.

Do creative works with her. Help her enhance her creativity. Have an amazing time with her.

  1. Donate with her

Remember, charity begins at home. Teach her to become a kind person.  Encourage her to help others, be there for others. Encourage her to make donations with whatever she has.

Give the world a kind soul, the world will be kind to her.


Difference Between National Daughters Day and National Sons and Daughters Day

When it’s about the equal rights of both men and women, men had it easy. Whereas women didn’t get the acceptance in stepping out there. There was no freedom for women. The scenario has changed a lot to date. Then again, the discrimination between a man and woman still exists more or less in every sector.

Although society has become considerate towards the female population to a greater extent now. There has always been a huge gap between both the male and female population, around the whole world. Men have always been the head in every sector. Even now, they still take the majority of all decisions.

The national daughter’s day is celebrated for the female children whereas the national son’s and daughter’s day-celebrates for all the children. This day, parents acknowledge the existence of their children in their lives. Remind them of all the reasons why they mean so much to their parents. Celebrate this day.


Why Daughters Day is So Special?

Every child is special to its parents. Even if the world decides to discriminate between genders from an early age, the love of parents’ love has no discrimination. Being a daughter is equally amazing being a son.

Daughter’s day is a day to celebrate the existence of having a daughter. It is the day to make your daughter understand that no matter what’s going on out there in the world, in her family she will face no discrimination. Even if the world decides to be cruel to her, her family will embrace her warmly. It is a day about verbally and physically appreciating all the daughters out there followed by fun activities.



No one knows your child more than you do. Really. Sometimes even they don’t know themselves as well as you do. So, we are certain that you which one in the list will be the best way to celebrate with your daughter.

Talk to her. Get to know her. Teach her to be a better person. Be the best role model for her. Encourage her to do good to others. Teach her to stand up for herself. Be there for her, if she falls. Protect her.

We hope that you will have a fantastic day with your lovely daughter. Love her wholeheartedly. Express it to her. She will love you back ten times more. This daughter’s day, try to be the most wholesome parent to your daughter. Support her. Celebrate her essence, presence. Acknowledge her.

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