Daughters Day Quotes from Father 2023

Daughters Day Quotes from Father

Here are some nice emotional Daughters Day quotes from a father. Find a perfect one and show love to your beloved daughter.


40 Father Daughter Quotes

Find out some nice lovely quotes to wish your daughter with love and kindness.

  1. A father only wants to see his princess grow up to be a queen.
  2. My only desire is to show my daughter how she should be treated by a man.
  3. A daughter is a dad’s precious gift to the world
  4. She will always be her father’s little girl.
  5. Everyday a father sees his daughter’s smile makes everything worth the while.
  6. A father realizes the man he need to be when he looks into his daughter’s eyes for the first time.
  7. Father -daughter dates are important so she can know first-hand how she should be treated.
  8. She may look at another guy and think ‘prince charming’. Her father looks and sees ‘the princess and the frog’.
  9. One day a father always dreads is her daughter’s first date.
  10. The most dangerous man is the one with an attractive daughter.
  11. A dad should set the standard for all men interested in his daughter.
  12. When your daughter looks at you with admiration, it’s a father’s big pride.
  13. The girl that stole my heart calls me dad.
  14. Every dad who ever felt they couldn’t raise a daughter, changed his mind when he saw her eyes for the first time.
  15. Even if I give you away someday, I’m keeping you in my heart.
  16. The only other woman that will challenge him.
  17. I want to be the first man to cherish you and love you; so , you’ll know what to look for
  18. They ask how I could be a hero. I said by being your dad.
  19. Treat her like a princess so a queen is what she becomes.
  20. I wasn’t completely a man until I saw the daughter that I created.
  21. There’s nothing more special than the bond between father and daughter. Happy Daughter’s Day!
  22. I will always see you as the princess worthy to be defended and honored and cherished.
  23. I am proud dad, honored to be your father, and grateful to be your friend.
  24. Thankful to be the first man to ever call you mine.
  25. You fill me with more love and pride than you can ever imagine.
  26. Whenever I think of the best things in my life, you’re the pride and joy that I will always hold close. Love from your father!
  27. Remember that when life brings hard times against you, that you are created to be a strong woman who can stand against all odds.
  28. Remember you were my daughter before you were his wife.
  29. You have accomplished so many things in life, and I hope that you know that the first was capturing my heart.
  30. You are my greatest treasure, and I will gladly tell the world how much you are worth to me. Love from your dad!
  31. You’ve had me wrapped around your finger since you were born. Happy Daughters’ Day!
  32. Only two women have captured my heart… your mother and you.
  33. There’s nothing more precious to a dad than the love of his daughter.
  34. God answered my prayers when he gave me you. Greetings and Love!
  35. Everything that I wanted in life pales in comparison to everything you gave me as a father.
  36. A daughter is a jewel in her father’s crown.
  37. I will love you forever and always.  Even when you are grown and married, remember that you are always my little girl.
  38. A father delights the love of his daughter.
  39. A daughter is one of the greatest lights in her father’s life.
  40. A daughter is a breath of fresh air in her father’s life. Happy Daughter’s Day!


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