Daughters Day Quotes from Father

Daughters Day Quotes from Father

Father to Daughter Quotes for Daughter’s Day 2018


Find out some nice lovely quotes to wish your daughter with love and kindness.

  1. A father only wants to see his princess grow up to be a queen.
  2. My only desire is to show my daughter how she should be treated by a man.
  3. A daughter is a dad’s precious gift to the world
  4. She will always be her father’s little girl.
  5. Everyday a father sees his daughter’s smile makes everything worth the while.
  6. A father realizes the man he need to be when he looks into his daughter’s eyes for the first time.
  7. Father -daughter dates are important so she can know first-hand how she should be treated.
  8. She may look at another guy and think ‘prince charming’. Her father looks and sees ‘the princess and the frog’.
  9. One day a father always dreads is her daughter’s first date.
  10. The most dangerous man is the one with an attractive daughter.
  11. A dad should set the standard for all men interested in his daughter.
  12. When your daughter looks at you with admiration, it’s a father’s big pride
  13. The girl that stole my heart calls me dad.
  14. Every dad who ever felt they couldn’t raise a daughter, changed his mind when he saw her eyes for the first time.
  15. Even if I give you away someday, I’m keeping you in my heart.
  16. The only other woman that will challenge him.
  17. I want to be the first man to cherish you and love you; so , you’ll know what to look for
  18. They ask how I could be a hero. I said by being your dad.
  19. Treat her like a princess so a queen is what she becomes.
  20. I wasn’t completely a man until I saw the daughter that I created.

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Daughter’s Day 2018 is just here.  If you’re a dad, you must be looking for some nice kind words for your beautiful daughter. So we at DaughtersDayWishes.com have offered 20 wonderful quotes to say to your lovely princess. Hope you’ve got the best quote for your angel. You can share your thoughts on these quotes in the comments section and let us know how we did.

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