Speech on My Daughter – Daughters Day 2021

Daughters are truly the gems. They come into parents’ world as a real blessing for the life. Their lovely gestures, chatters, and cute naughty acts provide us tranquility and happiness. And we wish those moments stay with us forever. So here’s a Speech on Daughter by a father or mother, titled as ‘My Daughter My Jewel‘.


If you like to present such a speech for upcoming Daughter’s Day 2021, find it below.

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My Daughter, My Jewel

Speech on My Daughter - by Father or Mother

A Speech on My Daughter

Hard as I may try, the words to express such complex feelings as I have right now don’t exist yet. I am overwhelmed. Wow! Today I want to share with you all, a testimony of the gift that God blessed the world with; a daughter and a friend.

At birth, I remember the feelings, the joy and light that filled my heart. Watching you announce your entrance into our world with a loud wail made me shed a happy-tear. It was incredible, unbelievable and magical. As I smiled and laughed I wondered what she would be like. What does the future hold for my little girl?

As a toddler taking its first stride to a young child on its first day at school, you amazed me with your abilities. You showed a spirit and body full of energy and happiness. In play and in learning, you were strong, determined, daring and adventurous. You bubbled with life and enthusiasm that always had me smile within and bless the heavens for a daughter like you.  Nothing mattered to me other than to be there for you; to nurture and watch you blossom into the flower that you are.

Growing up as a teenager, you amazed me even more by the way you cared and stood up for others, your exemplary leadership and charisma. You have an uncanny ability to bring out the best in others, always seeking to improve the moments.

The most challenging time in parenting is the time a child becomes a teenager. How you did it, I’m still baffled till today. In dealing with the pressure of parents, school, society, peers and other issues you showed unparalleled maturity. I am proud of you. I had a great time raising a teenager.

Thanks to you, I also made a friend; A friend that will always be there by my side, through thick and thin. I know this because Your heart is pure and true. Happiness is the time we spent together. You have been a miracle, a revelation that never ceases.  You are my best friend.

They say that, “a daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give”. How true, today, I can hardly imagine a world without you in it. It’s like living in a world with no air.  I am lucky to have you, the world is lucky to have you in it. The way you live your life is reminiscent of a grown, confident, independent and loving daughter, wife, mother; a woman.

I used to wonder what you would become, but today you have surpassed my expectations. There’s more to come in the future, but I’m confident and look enthusiastically forward to watching you become the woman of your dream.  I love you so much. You mean more than this world to me. Always remember you are brave, capable, and pretty and can be anything and accomplish anything you set your heart on, because you’re my daughter; my super woman.

Happy daughter’s day!


If you like this special Speech on My Daughter, present or dedicate it your beloved princess daughter on the upcoming Daughter’s Day 2021.

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