Daughter Birthday Poems from a Mom

Daughters Birthday Poems from Mothers
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Hey Mom, is your daughter’s birthday in the offing?¬†How about wishing your girl with a charming poem? We have designed 10 beautiful short birthday poems for daughters from a mother. You either say it or jot it down onto a card. Whether she is your younger lass or a grown one, we have provided you with poems for both. Let’s have a look.



From your very first breath
I knew you would be
my greatest pride
A joy to me.
Today, we celebrate you
And all you will be.
Happy Birthday My Daughter, to You!



My daughter I must tell you
I am so happy.
Today is not like other days
For on it, I received you.
The greatest treasure I could ask for
from heaven down to me.
Happy Birthday!

Daughter Birthday Poem from a Mom

Birthday Poem for Young Daughter



Every smile and giggle.
Every wiggle from every tickle.
Brings me joy because you’re joy
Bring me life because your life
Is everything to me.
My daughter. My joyous little lady.
Happy Birthday to You!



You came to me as the greatest gift
That could ever ask for.
Everything I do is for you
And if I could, I would do more.
I love being your mother and friend
and this love will never end.


(for Grown Daughter)

You’re older now
But you’re always my little one.
As calming as the moon
As bright as the sun.
Your birthday is my best day, too.
Because my life changed forever when I had you.



Little girl so full of wonder and awe
May your wishes come true
May your dreams be big and full
And your hopes come to you.
For you deserve them all to come
and bring you endless love and fun.
A very cheerful birthday to you!



May your heart stay pure
And your passions stay true.
May your energy be driven.
May your skies always be blue
May you always see the best in all
the way I see the best in you.
Happy Birthday My Princess!



I’ve watched you grow
And leave girlhood behind.
Yes, I’m sad time moves fast
But I’m so happy to find.
You’re my precious little girl.
For all of time.
Happy Birthday to You My Daughter!


Birthday Poem for Grown Daughter

You’re no longer a child
You have long since been grown.
You’re doing big things.
All on your own.
My daughter I’m so proud
of the woman you’ve become



My daughter, my love
My gift from above
You’re apart of me
Like waves on the sea.
Like the sun in the sky
You brighten my life.
Happy Birthday!



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