Daughters Day Poems from Father

Daughters Day Poems from Father

Dads see his daughters as dolls. For fathers, daughters are the most beautiful creatures on the earth. Whenever the Daughters Day comes around the corner, we fathers look for the ways to cheer up our dolls. It could be a gift, a wish or simply a poem. So here are the 10 Daughters day poems from a father. Let’s wish one to your little gal.


10 Amazing Daughter Poems from Dad


Poem #1

Daddy’s angel and perfect gift
My heart you fill and spirit lift
My pride and joy and everything
You make me smile and make me sing
I love you and yes, it’s true
I thank God every day for you


Poem #2

A daughter like you
Brought Heaven to me
God must have known
You’d be what I need
My love for you
Will never cease


Poem #3

No other feeling on earth
That compares to the feeling of worth
Of being your father, my girl
It’s the best feeling in the world
So, here I am to say cheers
To you for years and years and years


Poem #4

What more could a father want
Than a daughter so pure
His love for her
Will always be sure
It cannot be replaced
It will always endure


Poem #5

From the moment you first cried
From the moment you first laughed
Now I’ll walk you down the aisle
And you’ll go a different path
But I’ll always be here
Whenever you need me near


Poem #6

Beauty and grace in one
Shines bright in His life like the sun
Each day that he has with his girl
Is a day that makes his whole world
From a father to his baby
You will always be his little lady


Poem #7

A daughter is happiness
That makes her father smile
She brings laughter and chuckles
And giggles by the piles
Joy from above
Her father’s love

Happy Daughter’s Day!


Poem #8

Now you are a mother
But you will always be my girl
You may be your husband’s sun
But you are always your Father’s world
nothing can change this as long as you live
you’re worth every single breath I give


Poem #9

You have a family now
You’ve got your own little one
But you’ll be my little girl always
No matter how grown
I’ll always be your dad and can
always reserve the spot as your biggest fan


Poem #10

My beautiful princess
You are beautifully loved
Be wise as an owl
Be gentle as a dove
Be strong as an eagle
You will always rise above



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