Daughters Day 2022 in Canada

The Daughters Day celebration in Canada will take place on September 25th with awards and ceremonies being part of this remarkable day. For many, this is a day that has managed to reach the same level of support and Mother’s and Father’s Day in the country.


When is Daughters Day 2022 in Canada?

Sunday, September 25

Of the many national days that are celebrated in Canada, there are few that hold the ranking of Daughters Day. While Daughters Day in Canada may not be the largest celebration, it is one that is growing in popularity thanks to the attention now paid to daughters from around the country.

Daughters Day in Canada - Date, History and Celebrations

Daughters Day History in Canada

The history of Daughters Day in Canada is a relatively short one, having been founded several years ago. Still, despite its relatively recent founding, the day itself has gained considerable momentum as parents and community leaders from across Canada have recognized the importance of celebrating what daughters mean to them and the contributions that they make.

The day has evolved somewhat over time from a few formal gatherings to more family-oriented fare, but there are communities that do recognize the contributions of daughters and celebrate in their own way.

Daughters Day in the USA is also celebrated on the same date. In most countries, this day is observed either in the month of August or September. You can find more about the observance of Daughters Day in India, the United Kingdom, and Australia as well.


How is Daughters Day in Canada Celebrated?

The different ways the day is celebrated starts with the family itself. Flowers have become the traditional gift, but many families have chosen other types of gifts that recognize their daughters in a special way. Still, there are ways that are growing in terms of how daughters are seen, celebrated, and honored for their contributions.

Events (2018)

The events that happen across Canada are both small and large depending on the involvement of each community. For many, it is a day to spend with their daughters to recognize what they mean to them while larger events allow the community to say how it feels about daughters and what they mean to their world.

A notable Daughter’s Day event is taking place in Edmonton, Canada; find the details as follows:

  • Daughters of the Year Awards 2018
    • Location: Edmonton City Hall
    • Date: Saturday, Sep 8, 2018
    • Time: 13:00 to 15:00
    • Info:


Daughters Day has become a popular day for awards that recognize the contributions of daughters. However, it also allows for the younger members to see the potential they have in the world while older daughters can be recognized for their contributions. It is a win-win when daughters of all ages are brought together on this special day.


The much-needed support that many daughters need in their communities are also highlighted, making this an extra-special day for those who may be less fortunate. The advent of Daughters Day has caused many to see their daughters in a new light along with those in their communities. By showcasing the potential of daughters no matter their background, it helps families and communities properly address their needs, so they can reach their remarkable potential.

There are few days like Daughters Day in Canada that spark such interest thanks to the joy, love, and hope that daughters bring to their families. For those who live in communities in Canada that do not have formal events on this day, there are still ways to celebrate and recognize daughters from across the country.

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