Happy New Year Gifts for Daughter (All Ages)

Happy new year presents daughter

As a parent, the start of a New Year is always an exciting time. After all, it’s another opportunity to make resolutions and enjoy some much-needed quality family time together. And what better way to show your daughter how much you love her than by giving her a special gift for the New Year?


Whether she’s 5 or 15, or even 25+, gifting your daughter an item that’s thoughtful and meaningful will help create lasting memories of this happy occasion. With these ideas in mind, let’s explore some perfect gifts for daughters who are ready to say goodbye to last year and welcome 2023 with open arms!


Teen girls – age 11 to 19

This part suggests new year gifts for daughter within an age range of 11 to 19. We have handpicked these gift selections for moms and dads. Providing the best gift ideas for the teenage girls.


1. Jewelry

Every daughter deserves to feel like a princess!

From necklaces to earrings and from pendants to charms, there are plenty of beautiful items available that will make amazing gifts for your little girl.

Start your daughter off right by giving her a special gift at the start of this new year 2023 – beautiful jewelry that offers both appreciation for who she is now and hope for all she will become. With so many incredible options out there, you can find something perfect for your daughter – no matter her age, style or budget!

With so many styles, designs, and colors out there – let’s face it – you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes showing appreciation in such a meaningful way!

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2. Gaming

Gaming Consoles

One idea here is a gaming console! Whether it’s an Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo Switch, your daughter will be sure to enjoy playing her favorite games with friends and family for many hours of fun this New Year.

With so many options available in the world of video gaming today, it can be tough figuring out which product might make the best gift for your little one. To help narrow down the choices into something special just for your daughter, find ideas of how you can embrace 2023 with a fantastic new year gift that she’ll remember forever!

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3. Bicycles


There’s no better gift than an experience that encourages your daughter to get out and explore the world around her – especially one that gives her access to activities she loves!

What could fit this description better than a brand-new bicycle?

A healthy equipment for growing girls, isn’t it?

Bicycle is safe, fun, healthy, and can bring about many exciting adventures for your daughter. Whether it’s just riding through your neighborhood or exploring miles of nearby trails in nature preserves, there is something truly magical about taking on these journeys with nothing but yourself — and maybe a trusty two-wheeled companion — at your side. Incredible memories can be made while giving back health perks along the way – what more could you ask from a gift?

Let’s find the perfect bicycle for your special girl!

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4. Mother Daughter Posters

Mother Daughter Posters

Mother-daughter posters not only are they stylish and gorgeous decoration pieces that liven up any room, but they also represent a beautiful sentiment of strong family bonds between mothers and daughters – perfect for both parents who want to keep their daughter close no matter where she might be. Whether you choose one with handwritten lettering or oil painted silhouettes, there is an array of options you and your daughter will love.

Find more about these stunning gift ideas!

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5. Headphones

Girly Headphones

As parents, we all want our daughter to look and feel her best. Nothing helps achieve this more than a brand new set of headphones! The New Year brings the perfect opportunity to help your daughter stay connected while looking stylish at the same time. A plethora of the latest headphone styles will have your daughter rising above the rest. With options that provide superior audio quality, enhanced comfort, and sleek designs- headphones as gifts are sure to be a hit!

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6. Pillows


A thoughtful pillow gift is a unique and personalized way to express your love, these gifts will make beautiful reminders of your support that can be displayed in her home for years to come.
These unique pillow gift ideas are sure to make her smile!

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7. Candle Holders

Candle Holders

A heartfelt gift from a parent to their daughter on New Year’s Day is a meaningful gesture that lasts beyond the exchange. Consider giving your daughter a unique candle holder as a special surprise this holiday season that she can proudly display in her room. Choose from lovely designs with intricate details such as shimmering glass and delicate floral motifs, or something more whimsical like scented candles decorated with stars or butterflies for a special keepsake.

Let your daughter know how much you love her with an amazing New Year candle holder to commemorate this new milestone!

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8. Beauty Gadgets

Beauty Gadgets

An at-home facial steamer will help keep her skin dewy and moisturized all winter, or treat her to an LED light therapy device to help reduce acne scarring and blemishes – she’ll be loving the results! Plus, there are tons of other options like hair removal tools, home mani-pedi kits, sonic cleansing brushes, and even waterproof makeup dryers. Whatever you choose from the wide range of new year beauty gadgets available today, your daughter is sure to appreciate your thoughtful gift.

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9. Tech Gadgets

Tech Gadgets

Getting her new and exciting tech products will definitely get her excited to start the next year of learning, studying, gaming, or whatever else she’s into.

Whether it’s the newest iPhone, a powerful laptop, or a cool accessory like a portable charger, there are tons of possibilities when it comes to buying her something special to kick off 2023. No matter which option you choose, there are plenty of options out there that your daughter would love as a perfect New Year’s gift.

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10. Girly Rugs

Rugs for Kids Room

These vibrant girly rugs come in all kinds of colors and patterns to fit any style and make the perfect addition to her bedroom or playroom. Not only will she love the way it looks and how it brightens up the room, but she’ll love how soft, comfortable and durable it is too.

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Kids girls – age range under 5 and up to 12 years

In this section, we have provided gift ideas for daughters under 5 and up to 10 or 12 years. While selecting gifts for this age range, we considered new year presents that are important for learning and growth. Such as art kits, bicycles, and books.

11. Footwear

Girls Footwear

Whether she’s spending time indoors or taking outdoor excursions into her daily routine once more, giving them shoes that can both fit the occasion and put a spring in their step is always great!

With so many unique styles available to choose from this season – like fuzzy boots, casual trainers and cozy slippers — you and your daughter will have an easier time selecting a design that fits her taste and lifestyle.

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12. Books

Girls Books

As parents, we all want the best for our kids, and gifting them with educational experiences can be one of the most rewarding ways to show your love. As a new year approaches us, why not start 2023 with some special gifts for your little sunshine?

Whether it’s a fairytale, activity book or illustrated novel, there are plenty of types of books out there that can be tailored to her individual needs.

A book will give her knowledge and adventures either at home or on-the-go! From prompting creativity to teaching scientific facts – Books offer something fun and fresh while stimulating minds! So ring in 2023 in style – by finding the perfect book as new year gift for your daughter.

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13. Handbags

Handbag Gifts for Girls

Make this year extra-special with an amazing handbag gift for your daughter. Handbags are wonderful gifts because they’re versatile and practical.

From stylish crossbody bags to roomy totes, you can find a bag that matches her unique style and personality. Plus, she’ll have a beautiful reminder of your love every time she carries it around town! Discover some exciting new year handbag possibilities that will make any daughter absolutely ecstatic – after all, what better way is there to start off 2023?

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14. Toys

Girls Toys

This New Year brings the opportunity to surprise your daughter with some great toys and gifts. From the latest interactive dollhouses to noiseless headphones and laptops, there’s something for every young girl who wants to have fun while still learning. If your little one loves to dress up and pretend, catch her eye with a glowing jewelry box or even a princess costume complete with shoes and accessories.

If you’re after something educational, consider puzzle games designed to increase IQ levels or books that stimulate imagination. With so many innovative gifts for all budgets, you’re sure to find something that your daughter will cherish long into 2023 and beyond.

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15. Dolls

Dolls for Girls

Other than traditional gifts, add something unique to your daughter’s toy collection this time. Consider gifting her a new year doll. From poupées dressed in traditional Japanese kimonos, Chinese qipao dresses, and elaborate Filipino baro’t saya sets – these dolls come in an array of colors, fabrics and textures that capture Asian countries’ cultural heritage.

Whether she is a collector of dolls or not, the symbolism behind the doll will ensure that it becomes a special sentimental memento as well as an eye-catching decorative piece in her room. Not only can this wonderful gift remind your daughter of her cultural roots but she will also love the idea of being so closely connected with her family’s traditions.

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16. Dresses

Girls Dresses

A daughter is sure to appreciate being spoilt with a stylish dress that fits her personality. Whether it’s an elegant little black dress or something fun and flirty, she’ll love having something that makes her feel beautiful and confidence on special occasions like New Year’s party celebrations.

With dozens of styles to choose from, finding just the right dress for your daughter is sure to make her smile!

By the way I personally would like this one for my daughter; black party dress from Calvin Klein:

Black Calvin Klein Girls Party Dress

There are yet a lot more to choose from.

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17. Smart watches for Kid Girls

Smart watches

Why not get your cutie pie a smart watch that she can enjoy. With its countless features, your daughter will love the convenience of having all essential information right on her wrist.

From health tracking to message notifications to sophisticated design, these watches are sure to make anyone’s day brighter. Furthermore, many models are compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, making them a great addition for any tech lover’s collection.

Get ready to start the new year off with a gift that she won’t soon forget!

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18. Art Kits

Art Kits for Girls

Art supplies are the perfect gifts for any daughter looking to get creative. A comprehensive art kit has everything she needs to explore her imagination, whether she’s crafting a handmade card or sketching a masterpiece.

From sketch pads and pastel chalks to watercolor kits and paintbrushes, gifting your daughter with an art kit can open the door for her artistic side to bloom. She can use the supplies in many ways, from doodling on custom t-shirts or stickers to designing unique decorations for all of your walls.

You may even end up being amazed at what your daughter can create with this unique gift!

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Grown Daughters (Women) – age range 20, 22 to those turning 30 and up

Here you will find some excellent new year gift ideas for adult daughters. Age range is 20 to those turning 30 and above.

19. Mugs

Happy New Year Mugs

As you enter a brand new year, why not make your cute daughter feel extra special this season with these fabulous custom made “Happy New Yearmugs gifts! Whether she is just starting her journey in life or has been walking on the path for some time now, these mugs will give any daughter that added feeling of joy and appreciation.

Not only are they an excellent way to show how much you care about your special girl, but they are also sure to put a smile on her face and newfound excitement for the upcoming days.

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20. Winter Headwear

Winter Headwear for Girls

New Year is the perfect time to gift our loved ones something special, such as winter headwear for our daughter. From cute knitted beanies to chic insulating headbands, you’ll find great gifts at any apparel store or brand.

Be sure to make the product specific to your daughter – take into account her style, color choices, and preferred material so she can wear it with pride!

Not only will she appreciate being thought of during the seasonal celebrations, but also have a fashionable piece of clothing that will last her through the colder months.

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21. Cosmetic and Makeup

Makeup Gifts

If your daughter has a passion for makeup, what better way to start off the new year than with gifting her a sooper dooper beauty or makeup kit.

You can find great choices of makeup gifts that will bring a smile to your beloved makeup artist’s face throughout the entire year. From eyeshadow and lip gloss kits to makeup brushes and blush palettes, you’ll be able to give her all the necessary tools she needs to create exciting looks.

For example, selecting a holographic highlighter or sparkly lip gloss set will give her just what she needs to reinvent herself in 2023.

A makeup gift will not only provide your daughter with another way of expressing herself – it’s also sure to make her feel extravagantly special too!

Works for ages 8 to 25 and up.

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22. Personal Care

Personal Care

A nice perfume or lotion set will help her feel even more special when starting a fresh page in her life.

You can also take it up a notch and purchase some luxurious spas treatments or beauty services. Your effort in getting her something related to personal care is sure to be appreciated by your daughter, who will surely thank you for being so thoughtful in gifting her something that will help remind her she’s beautiful inside and out!

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23. Kitchen and Cooking Gadgets

Kitchen Cooking Gadgets

A great way to help cooking girls spruce up their kitchen is to buy them a few new gadgets. Whether it’s a mini-food processor, a blender set, or an electric smoker, any of these items will make the perfect present for your daughter and provide plenty of memories. Not only that, but some of these newer (and more technologically advanced) gadgets will also help your daughter save time on meal prep and give her access to recipes she never tried before.

So consider gifting her with something new that she otherwise wouldn’t purchase herself. Your daughter is sure to love whatever you decide too give them just in time for the New Year!

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24. Travel Gadgets

Travel Gadgets

New Year’s resolutions often include taking a cherished vacation, so why not help your daughter get the most out of her trip with some highly practical gift options? There are all sorts of exciting travel gadgets on the market these days, ranging from RFID blocking passport holders to rechargeable power banks. Whether your daughter is looking for ways to keep her credit cards safe while abroad or making sure she never runs out of charge on her phone during long journeys, there’s something to fit every need.

These thoughtful gifts provide added peace of mind along the way and can make the travel experience even more enjoyable.

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25. Camping Gear

Camping Accessories for Girls

Look for items like a lightweight camping stove, some warm sleeping bags or blankets, and anything else that will make her time outside as comfortable as possible.

If she loves to spend time in nature, consider gifts like a new flashlight or lantern; a foldable chair so she can easily take it with her; or even portable cooking materials so she can enjoy hot meals and drinks during her hikes. Regardless of what you pick, your daughter will be sure to feel the love when opening up any camping-related gift this New Year!

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Our Take:

Gift to your daughter should be chosen accordingly. We have tried our utter best to compile as many as possible categories so that any parent can buy the best new year gift for their daughters.


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