Daughters Day Poems from Mother 2023

Daughters Day Poems from Mother

Daughters are real elegance and splendor of one’s home. We moms do realize their importance when they get married and went away. Celebrate your daughters before they go away. We’ve jotted down some beautiful Daughters Day poems from moms. Let’s read these 10 poems and dedicate one to your pretty daughters.

10 Special Poems for Daughters from a Mother

Poem #1

One perfect day that I’ll never forget
One bit of discomfort I’ll never regret
One simple cry, you entered the world
My precious child.  My little girl.
These ties no one can sever.
I’ll love you forever.

Happy Daughter’s Day!

Poem #2

This is my hope.
This is my prayer.
Whenever you need me
I’m always there
I love you like no other.
Your hero. Your mother.

Happy Daughter’s Day!

Poem #3

Every morning a wake
I’m thankful for my little girl.
For the joy that you brought to my life.
And the love that you brought to my world.
You’ll always be dear to my heart.
From it you will never part.

Happy Daughter’s Day!

Poem #4

My Daughter, you are so precious to me.
Your laughter and joy is all that I need.
The older you grow
The more you should know.
That my love for you
Is forever true.

Happy Daughter’s Day!



Poem #5

You are my child.
You fill me with pride.
You fill me with joy.
You fill me with love.
You fill me, and I’m never empty.
With you love is always plenty.

Happy Daughter’s Day
to my cute princess!

Poem #6

Remember those days
When you and I would laugh and dance?
And now that you are grown
I really wish I had the chance.
To do it all over again
And let the dance begin.

Happy Daughter’s Day!

Poem #7

When you smile, it makes me melt
You will never know how I felt
as I held you for the very first time
And realized that you were mine.
And you always will be.
for all of eternity.

Happy Daughter’s Day!

Poem #8

Late nights talking to you on the phone
Wishing that our house was still your phone
But now you have kids of your own.
Time has gone fast and you’re grown.
I’m proud of you though.
Whatever you do and wherever you go.

Happy Daughter’s Day!

Poem #9

My Daughter, My Love
My gift from above
You’ll change the world
For all boys and girls
And I’ll be there to see
How great you will be

Poem #10

Each second.  Each step.
Each moment.  Each breath.
Each hour.  Each test.
Each day.  Each success.
You’re okay. Take your time.
You’ll be great and you’ll do fine.

Happy Daughter’s Day!



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Daughters deserve the truest of love, attention and pure wholeheartedness. That’s why we designed this website DaughtersDayWishes.com as it is all about daughters. You can also find Happy Daughters Day in heaven quotes and poems, for the daughters who departed too early from this world.

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