Daughters Day in UAE 2023

Daughters Day in United Arab Emirates
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When is Daughter’s Day Celebrated in UAE?

September 24


The fourth Sunday in the month of September is celebrated as Daughter’s Day in almost all the countries. The same goes for the UAE. Some exceptions are countries like the USA, which celebrate this day in the month of August itself. This year, Daughter’s Day will be celebrated on the 24th of September, 2023.

Daughters Day in UAE


History of Celebrating Daughter’s Day in the UAE

The UAE has been quite reserved in celebrating days like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Daughter’s Day and the like. However, the culture has been changing in the last few years. Many ex-pats are settling in the UAE nowadays. Due to this, festivals celebrated in western countries like the USA and Canada, have slowly started making their presence in UAE as well.

It is only in the last 2 or 3 years that this day is being celebrated or even recognized by the people living in the United Arab Emirates. Though the celebrations are not on a huge scale like some of the other countries, parents wish their daughters on this day and do something to make their daughters feel special. Considering the reserved lifestyle in the UAE, this is still big progress!


Celebration Guide for Parents

There are many meaningful ideas for Emarati parents to mark the upcoming Daughters Day 2023.

1. Singing your little daughter a lovely poem:

What you can do at least for your daughter is to dedicate her a nice poem. Either write one on a gift you buy her a Daughters’ Day card, or just sing it for her. Whether you are a father, mother, or both parents, here is a sample poem for you:



When you smile, it makes me melt
You will never know how I felt
as I held you for the very first time
And realized that you were mine.
And you always will be.
for all of eternity.

Happy Daughter’s Day!


Find more poems for Daughter’s Day to choose one for your little angel.


2. Dedicating Her a Wish

Every celebratory day starts with a wish. Whether it is Mothers Day, Fathers Day, or Daughter’s Day sending wishes and quotes is the primary ritual.

Parents Daughter


So as parents along other forms of love you do for your daughter, sharing a quote is a thing you must not forget.

Here are some of the sample wishes:

  1. A daughter is a reflection of a mother’s joy.

  2. I can still remember cradling you in my arms and thanking God for you. Happy Daughter’s Day! Love from your mother.

  3. A daughter brings innocence to the family.

  4. I asked God for a blessing, and He gave me you.


View more Daughter’s Day quotes for nieces and daughters you can send as a parent or uncle.


3. Memes

If your daughter is grown enough to understand memes, it is worth sharing a memes that suits your relationship and position.

Here is a sample meme expressing love between a mother and her daughter:

Find all Daughter’s Day Image Memes we have designed.


4. Nearby Amusement Trip

If you can spend some (better do) for your little angel, take her along with her brothers, to any kids amusement places nearby. Make her feel special, and Daughters Day and she herself really means a lot.

Following are some of the suggested kids’ fun places worth paying a visit:

Dubai: Morning Lahab Desert Safari, The View at The Palm, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Abu Dhabi: Ferrari World Yas Island, Warner Bros World

Sharjah: Al Majaz Waterfront, Sharjah Aquarium

Ras al Khaimah: Saqr Park, Ras al Khaimah Afternoon Desert, Hilton Ras al Khaimah Beach Resort

Al Fujairah: City Center Fujairah, Al Bidya Masjid, Fujairah Fort

Ajman: Ajman Beach, Ajman Museum, City Center Ajman

Umm al Quwwain: Umm al Quwwain Beach, Umm al Quwwain Museum, Kite Beach


Celebrations across the World

Parents wish their daughters in the mornings and let them know how special they are. Since the day is celebrated on a Sunday, many families plan to have lunch or dinner outside. They spend some memorable moments together with their daughters. In some families, parents give away exciting gifts and cards to their daughters. These gifts could be in the form of dresses, jewels, a savings plan for their future and the like.

This is one day where parents are ready to do whatever it takes to keep their daughters happy. They also plan for day tours to amusement parks and other exciting tourist destinations to bring the million-dollar smile on their daughter’s faces.

Daughters’ Day is celebrated in many other countries such as Canada, the USA, Australia, India, Japan, Bangladesh, and United Kingdom.


From the Daughter’s Point of View

In the UAE and other countries, it is not only the parents who feel proud and happy to celebrate the special day for their daughters. Daughters also feel emotional at the love and care being showered upon them by their parents. It motivates them to work hard in their lives and justify the trust and faith that their parents have in their potential. On this day, daughters make a vow within themselves that they would make their parents feel proud always.


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